The powerhouse Charu & Vasundhara present to you Saira, their latest collection that celebrates vintage glamour. Saira is an ode to a vision of a “modern maharani”, where contemporary silhouettes meet royalty. The collection is intriguing and paradoxical, as Charu & Vasundhara amalgamate the essence of spring with rich, bold and luxurious elements.

While one tends to focus on the beauty of a Maharani, Charu & Vasundhara are inspired not just by their beauty, but also by their resilience. As a result, their embroidery is inspired by the beautiful Lotus flower, which can blossom even in a pool of mud. The lotus submerges itself in water every night with its roots latched in mud and miraculously re-blooms the next morning. The ability of the lotus to resurrect itself inspired the design maestro’s to have it as a central element in their latest brainchild.

With subtle detailing like tone on tone embroidery, piping work and royal colours, Saira truly celebrates royalty, beauty and resilience. The collection is a confluence of elements, where royalty meets functionality.


Inspired by our mission to Self Actualization. Our collection 'urja' explores the use of intricate embroideries, sequinned patterns and flowing silhouettes to create an illuminating asthetic using modern techniques.

'Urja' adds Panache and Zest to your life. She wants to help you Step out of your comfort zone and embrace yourself 'Urja' is Bold, Vibrant & Charismatic. She wants you to be the Beautiful woman she sees in herself, and give you the confidence to express Yourself. She urges you to recognize your ultimate Charm and Elegance


C&V delves into the glorious era of Persian splendour and opulence. Unfolding a story of illustrious beauty and alluring symmetry, we bring to you intricate embroidery, sequinned patterns and flowy silhouettes.

“Persia” subtly blends old-world elegance with contemporary couture trends. The mesmerising thread work and delicate fabrics are heavily inspired by the magnificent tiles of an indulgent era gone by. Romantic frills, pastel tones and regal textures present an exquisite amalgamation of culture and couture to make every occasion a momentous celebration.


Lost in the charm of the aesthetics. Charu and Vasundhara, the dynamic Mother Daughter Duo bring you thier eccentricity with a clear understanding for a quaint sense of style.

The label is curated by following various influences and diversities around the globe with an amalgamation of the western couture and the artisanal Indian craftsmanship. It explores the use of intricate metallic embroideries, sequined patterns and flouncy drapes and silhouettes, which cleary establish a chic and modern approach. Much in sync with the seasonal global trends, Gossamer like fabric and a varied colour pallete. C&V aims to be relevant and inspiring. We want you to embrace your charismatic Beautiful self